How to Get Involved

Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Sunday 10:30 – 11:30 am

How do I get Started ?

There is no need to book as we take new students all year round so come along to a club session and the instructor coach will give you more details.

First lesson is FREE

As most people are not 100% sure of what is involved in a karate lesson. We give you a free trial lesson to see if karate is for you. Our lessons aim to foster the friendly and safe environment in which students thrive.

What do I wear?

Don’t worry about equipment.

Karate is practiced in bare feet and you will need to wear something comfortable you can exercise in. If you enjoy Karate and want to continue, Karate suits (GI’s) are available from your instructor. Karate is an activity  that appeals to both sexes, Children can start from the age of 4, (Children under the age of 8 must have adult remaining with them during lesson).

There is no maximum age limit.

Costs Involved ?

The first lesson is FREE, to give you the opportunity to see what karate is like and meet the instructor, the current lesson and license costs will be explained during your first visit. Any parent wishing to take part in the Kids program can do so at no extra charge.How ever you will be required to wear a Gi.If a parent would like to progress and grade a UKASKO Licence is can be obtained from your instructor at a discount.


If you want to continue with karate, all martial artists need a licence. This will make you a member of the association (UKASKO) and needs to be renewed annually. The license also provides your insurance requirements. Your license is also a record of your progress for all gradings, qualifications and courses attended. Forms are available from your instructor, who will advise you of current licenses cost.

All members must have a license before being able to grade/compete.