Our Link with Japan

The United Kingdom has many dojo’s who study the Shukokai Karate Do style. Concerned with the deviation of kata and techniques within the style and In order to get back on the correct path too expand his knowledge shihan Barlow felt it was necessary to return to his Shito-Ryu Shukokai roots.

January 2017, under the leadership of Shihan Kevin Barlow. Links were made with Japan, and in May 2017 Shihan Barlow travelled to Kobe Osaka Japan to meet and train under the chief instructor and president of the Japan Karate Do Shito-Ryu Kai Renshikan, After this enlightening experience, Soke Kuniaki Nobukawa 9th Dan Japan Karate Do , 8th Dan Japan Karate Federation expressed his wish for Shihan Barlow to be his representative in the United Kingdom ( U.K ), and for the North West Shukokai to become members of the Japan Karate Do Shito-Ryu-Kai. Enrolment pledge has been signed and the Dojo name has been changed accordingly.

Nobukawa Ha England UK begins to grow.

Kevin Barlow, JKD 7th dan Kyoshi,

Kuniaki Nobukawa JKF Hanshi 8th Dan, Soke & President Japan Karate-Do Nobukawa-ha Shito-ryu-kai JKNSK Hanshi 9th Dan
Kevin Barlow Shihan, Kyoshi 7th Dan Japan, 8th Dan United Kingdom, Chief Instructor :JKNSK England
Japan Karate Do – Certificate of Affiliation
Kevin Barlow – Renshi Degree
Kevin Barlow – Kyoshi Degree