Shihan Kevin Barlow


Kyoshi Kevin Barlow 8th Dan, JKD 7th Dan

Born 1962

I began training in 1973 aged 11 yrs,

1973-1987 I was a member of the SKU Shukokai Karate Union , at the time our chief instructor was a Japanese master Shigeru Kimura 7th dan.I was one the youngest people in the UK to be awarded black belt 1st dan by Kimura Sensei.

I’m a practitioner of Shukokai Karate which literally means the way for all, empty hand which is a method of fighting without the use of weapons. During my time with the organisation I competed in many interclub, National/International tournaments achieving status at Light/Middleweight in 3 disciplines. Individual & Team Kumite-free fighting and Kata – set patterns.

I’m a former member of the SKU England Karate Team/ Squad, plus I have represented UKASKO  at the EKF BKF plus the European Championships.

Achievements gained Black belt 1, 2,3 Dan. Qualified instructor, association Judge/referee, Black Belt grading officer. For the past 29 years I have been a member UKASKO – The United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation. During this time I have achieved 4, 5,6,7 Dan, recently I have been awarded the rank of Shihan 8th dan. 

For over 20 years I have competed at the highest level. I retired from competitive Karate in 1996 with a unbeaten record. My key roles with the organisation are, National Kata/ Kumite Coach. Technical – Kyu-dan grading examiner. Coaching Assessment Officer, Senior Judge-Referee, First Aid Officer.tournament director chief national coach .

August 2017 Kevin – NWS affiliated to Japan Karate Do Nobukawa-ha Shito-ryu-kai, gaining recognition from Soke & President Kuniaki Nobukawa  JKNSK Hanshi 9th Dan, 

Over the years I have conducted many Karate and Self defensive seminars both to the public and professional  agencies. Most recently I have been training/teaching with the Greater Manchester Police Karate Team.

August 2017 Kevin became Chief of England branch – Japan Karate  Do

Same year received name title  Renshi,  2018 I was promoted to Kyoshi title  by Soke Nobukawa .Image may contain: 2 people, including Kevin Barlow, people standing and suit